POS APP Hardware

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings / Hardware Hardware Your POS is usually more than just software and a screen. There are many peripherals you can add to not only your POS but also on your network. You can even add peripherals that are in a different country – I have done that […]

POS APP Settings – Customer Screen

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings / Customer Screen Customer Screen Where you have an integrated LCD customer display, you can use it for displaying the ITEMs your customer is buying. When you have active PROMOTIONS, they will scroll across the screen, when the POS ORDER screen is not in use. Show Screen […]

POS APP Settings

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings Overview Each POS APP can be configured differently. This makes the POS APP very configurable to reflect how you do business. Some of these settings affect the way another setting will behave. We will discuss different settings that may be for your business type in the FAQs. […]