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Transactions List

A more detailed view of your sales that you can filter by Store / Stores, for a preset period or a manually entered period

Select your filters at the top of the page and then <apply>

OscarPOS Cloud Backoffice - Transactions

The column headers are :

  • UTC : Transaction recording time ( UTC ( think GMT if you are not a purist ))
  • Store Time : Each Store will have a time zone set so this will more likely be the column you will use
  • Order # : The order number
  • Amount : The receipt amount expressed in the stores local currency
  • Transaction : The transaction number
  • Payment : The payment type
  • Status : This is the status of the order
  • Customer : When set, this will be the customer name for the order / transaction
  • Staff Member : The name of the staff member who was logged in

Transaction Detail

You can drill right down into a selected transaction by selecting a transaction from the transaction List

OscarPOS Cloud - Backoffice - Transactions - Detail

A very detailed view of an individual transaction

You can see such things as :

  • When the sale was started / paid / closed
  • Which store / terminal / CSR
  • Items that were added ( and deleted ) to / from the sale
  • Which discounts were applied either manually or automatically
  • Which tenders were used to pay the sale
  • Loyalty Points earnt / spent

Select the history button for a more detailed view of the Order statuses

Use the green left & right arrows to step through your transactions

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