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Vendors ( aka Suppliers ) are how you get Inventory and associated Costs into OscarPOS Cloud.

Later topics will discuss raising Purchase Orders, Receiving Goods & Services, etc.

For now, we will just look at creating / editing / viewing / deleting your Vendors.

List Vendors

Navigate to BOM / Documents / Vendors

BOM - Documents - Vendors - List
BOM – Documents – Vendors – List
  • Refresh : the list
  • Add : A new Vendor to your registered list
  • Delete : Selected Vendor / Vendors
  • Make Order : To create a Purchase Order
  • Filter : Set criteria against registered Vendors
  • Search : For a string or partial Vendor name
  • Import : A fast way to create Vendors using XLSX
  • Archive : A list of deleted Vendors with option to Restore

Add New Vendor

Navigate to BOM / Documents / Vendors / Add

BOM - Documents - Vendors - Add
BOM – Documents – Vendors – Add

There are a lot of fields here, but only some of them are *required.

Fill out what is going to be  useful to you, don’t forget to make them <Active> and click <Save>.

Edit & View Vendor

Navigate to BOM / Documents / Vendors and select the Company Name of the Vendor you want to edit or see purchasing / inventory information about. OscarPOS Cloud will keep a record of the work you have done with your supplier such as purchase orders, order status, etc.

BOM - Documents - Vendors - View
BOM – Documents – Vendors – View

Note the TABS across the top of the page

General : Review and edit basic information about your Vendor. Don’t forget to click <UPDATE> to keep any changes.

Purchasing Orders : Select this tab for a list of Purchase Orders raised against your Vendor. You will also see the creation date & the order status. Select the PO# to drill down for a detailed view of your purchase order.

Receivings & Shipments : Displays a list of Acts of Receiving of Inventory Items. As always, click on the links on the page to drill down for detailed information.

Inventory Items : Will display a list on the Inventory Items you have purchased from your Vendor. As well as links you can drill down into.

Delete a Vendor

BOM - Documents - Vendors - Delete
BOM – Documents – Vendors – Delete

Select one or more tick boxes and press <Delete>.

The Vendor will be “deleted” and placed in your <Archive>.

It should be noted that you cannot <Delete> a Vendor that has existing Applied Inventory Documents.

Import Vendors

OscarPOS Cloud lets you prepare a spreadsheet to import a large number of Vendors very quickly.

First, down load the XLSX Template by navigating to BOM / Documents / Vendors and selecting <Import Vendors>.

BOM - Documents - Vendors - Import
BOM – Documents – Vendors – Import

Secondly, populate the spreadsheet with your data. Please note that some fields a re *required and will be marked as such.

Lastly, return to the Import Vendors dialogue, select you updated template and click on <IMPORT>.

Make Order

Creating and managing a Vendor / Purchase Order is covered under Purchase Orders.


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