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From here you can view a list of all voided ( cancelled ) orders that have been created using POS APP or Mobile APP.

You can filter this list by date or store / stores. As well as selecting preset periods, setting your own date range or using search.

While the initial screen displays an overview, you can drill down into each voided transaction for more detailed information.

Voided Orders

A more list of voided orders that you can filter by Store / Stores, for a preset period or a manually entered period

Select your filters at the top of the page and then <apply>

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The column headers are :

  • UTC : Transaction recording time ( UTC ( think GMT if you are not a purist ))
  • Store Time : Each Store will have a time zone set so this will more likely be the column you will use
  • Order # : The order number
  • Amount : The receipt amount expressed in the stores local currency
  • Status : This is the status of the order
  • Store : The store that processes this order
  • Customer : When set, this will be the customer name for the order / transaction
  • Staff Member : The name of the staff member who was logged in

Transaction Detail

You can drill right down into a selected transaction by selecting a transaction from the transaction List

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A very detailed view of an individual transaction

You can see such things as :

  • When the sale was started / paid / closed
  • Which store / terminal / CSR
  • Items that were added ( and deleted ) to / from the sale
  • Which discounts were applied either manually or automatically
  • Which tenders were used to pay the sale
  • Loyalty Points earnt / spent

Select the history button for a more detailed view of the Order statuses

Use the green left & right arrows to step through your transactions

Customer Information

If the voided order record includes a customer name, you can view detailed information on that customer by clicking on the customer name


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