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This discussion is about the steps required to get your basic E-Shop or your Landing Page up and running.

We assume you have read Enhance Your Online Presence and are fully conversant with the different options you have and the features and benefits of each. As well as the requirements for the different APPs and the allowable payment options.

Think about the colour scheme & fonts you want to use  ( some templated options are available, though you can tweak these in your BOM ). If you are linking from an existing web site, you probably want to match the colours as closely as possible.

Most of this you can definitely do yourself. A few bits and pieces will need to be done by OscarPOS.

Logos, Store Photos & Banners

A horizontal logo that will appear as a banner on the top left of the web pages

Preferred is .png with transparent background.

Dimensions : 300×80 pixels.

Where : BOM / Settings / Web Site / General / Website Logo

Some Store Images / Slides to scroll across the top of the Landing Page. These could be outside or inside – or could be of the great views your diners can expect to see. Make the images big as they will be used on large monitors. I would use 1920×1080 as minimum.

Preferred is .png .

Dimensions : 1920×1080 pixels.

Where : BOM / Settings / Store / Name / Photo

Where you have created Promotional Campaigns, each one will need a 16:9 Promotional Banner. We make this quite big as they can optionally be used in store on Customer Display Units – So have to look good when shown in a large format.

Preferred is .png

Dimensions : 1920×1080 pixels

Where : BOM / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns / Name / General Info

Categories & Items

Please remember that your fantastic sales staff are not there to promote the incredible quality and unending benefits of purchasing & consuming / using your products.

So this has to be done with beautiful images and descriptions.

OscarPOS Cloud allows you to add multiple images and up to 400 characters to promote your ITEM.

Each RELATED MODIFIER should have an image as well as up to 150 characters of description.

CATEGORIES and COMMON MODIFIER GROUPS can have an image each.

Each COMMON MODIFIER can have an image and up to 400 characters of text.

All of these are used to display and promote your ITEMS in both the E-Shop and Landing Page.

Images & Descriptions

Delicious pictures and tantalising descriptions about every CATEGORY, ITEM and MODIFIER that is set as “Mobile Enabled”. ( A word of advice, do not use google images that you are not 100% certain are in the public domain. The last thing you want is to get into a copyright battle ).

What Size ? PNG or JPG ?

  • ITEM images with non-transparent backgrounds
  • Item images max 1mb depending on file type
  • Photographs should usually be JPEG
  • Graphics and Logos PNG
  • Text over a photo use JPEG

The Jimbo Blog

There is very little “viewable” difference between an image that is 6mb and one that is 255kb. However, you will notice a lot of difference in how quickly your pages load. When you open a large size photo in windows with Photos, you can right click on it and resize it to MEDIUM or LARGE. Note however that Photos will use MPS to determine final file size.

OscarPOS Cloud will automatically convert and save your image in 6 different formats to be used in different ways. You decide JPEG or PNG based on what your ITEM image is.

You do not have to hire a professional photographer to get great results. Just follow some basics and even your mobile phone can achieve a stunning result.

The two things to remember are lighting and composition :

  • Not enough light,  or poorly used flash, will give you a dark or washed out look.
  • Nothing looks lonelier and less appetising than a plate of spaghetti on a white background take from a birds eye view. Create a story about the spaghetti – add a table cloth, cutlery, something to drink, some condiments – and take the picture from the diners perspective ( not that of a low flying seagull ).

Do a couple of Google searches and read some articles before you start :

I was watching a rerun of “The Cook and the Chef” and the amazing Maggie Beer was talking about taking photographs for one of her books. What stood out to me were the words :

  • Colour
  • Contrast
  • Texture

Above all else though was :

  • Tell a story

Categories List

  • Upload a CATEGORY image for each CATEGORY that is going to be available on the Web APP.
  • Make sure the CATEGORY is set to Active.
  • Make sure it is Mobile Enabled.
  • Confirm it is available for the correct Stores.

Items List

  • Upload a spectacular image for each ITEM that is in a Mobile App enabled CATEGORY
  • Add a Description to each ITEM – your description has to replace what your staff would normally do to sell your fantastic products
  • Make sure the ITEM Active
  • Confirm it is enabled for the correct Stores

Related Modifiers & Common Modifiers

  • Need to use RELATED MODIFIERS to make sure the ITEM is ordered correctly ? Or maybe you want to do UPSELLS or ADDONS ?
  • See Knowledge Base for more information.

Store Settings

Settings / Stores

Register all of your Stores and for each Store confirm :

Settings / Stores / Store Name / General Info

    • Name
    • Contact Person
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Country
    • State
    • Zip
    • Address
    • Business Type
    • Description
    • Time zone
    • Opening hours by Service Type
    • Business Start Day ( Offset – this is NOT your opening time )
    • Legal Entity
    • Check uploaded pictures for each store – storefront / interior / etc
    • Make sure that the Google API has correctly pinpointed your Store
    • If you are doing Deliveries make sure that each zone is correctly updated

Settings / Stores / Store Name / Store Settings

Not all settings here are related directly to the Web App, but :

    • Active – definitely on
    • Ask Mobile Tips – optional
    • Promo on the Mobile menu – optional, but if you do create a promotional banner
    • Date & Time on the mobile menu – is applicable when you are using Dynamic Menus. When turned ON, Web App customers will be able to make future orders and see the menu for that future day / time

Settings / Web Site / General Settings

As part of the Web APP you also get an online portal that you can make some modifications to. You can make simple changes like colours & styles for the top bar, and text / button colours. You are also able to add codes for Google Analytic and Yandex Metrics to track web traffic to your online portal. There is also an option to add a static page. The static page is where you could put your  Privacy Policy if you do not already have an existing website.

Initially keep as default until your Mobile App has been published

More detail on each of these will be available in the Knowledge Base.

Online Payment Gateway

To be able to process online payments, we will need to set up an online payment gateway for you.

We will pass your details onto the provider who will then call you to set up a “merchant gateway”.

Please note that you MUST have a published “Privacy Policy” that your existing web-site or Landing Page can link back to. An E-Shop all by itself can only accept card-on-site as it will NOT be approved by the online payment gateway.

If you do not have a Privacy Policy we can help you set one up.

Once your Merchant Account is established, we will nee to get some details out of your Merchant Account to enable the online payment gateway.

Finding Your E-Shop / Landing Page

We also need to look at the different ways your potential customers access your E-Shop or Landing Page.

If you already have a registered domain name, but no existing web site, we can link your domain name directly to the E-Shop or Landing Page.

If you already have a web site and just want to add the E-Shop to it, we can provide you with the required code to create a simple link.

If you don’t have anything, don’t panic, we can hook you up with a  fantastic group of people who can make this happen very simply.

Looks a bit daunting ?

Not really. Just break it down into smaller tasks and tackle them one at a time.

Remember, we are always here to act as your guide.

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