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OscarPOS Cloud – Do It Once

I am not the best typist in the world.

Nor am I the fastest or most accurate.

When I want to make a change to my Point of Sale, I want to be able to do it once and once only.

When you add a new item to your OscarPOS Cloud Back Office ( BOM ), this change is sent to all of your integrated APPs.

Make a change in OscarPOS Cloud BOM

  • The POS APPs pick up the change
  • The WAITER APPs get updated
  • The simplified E-STORE APP is updated
  • The SEO optimised WEB APP has the changes
  • The Customer MOBILE APP is also changed
  • As are my KITCHEN APPs and every other device I am using

Woo Hoo !

No need to call the Support Team, don’t engage a Web Designer & definitely don’t pay an Android Developer.

Do it once

Do it yourself

Get immediate results

I hate typing so much I even made this animated video …

About the author: Tim Atkinson