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OscarPOS Support During Covid-19

OscarPOS is committed to the health and well being of our people, customers and community. Being available to you during the current Covid-19 pandemic is very high on our priority list, even if it means some unique challenges.

We have had a disaster plan in place for many years to minimise any impact to all facets of our and your business.

The OscarPOS Cloud Development Team are already geographically diverse & can readily adapt to working from home.

Many of our customers have already taken advantage of our 24/7/365 Remote Support. As long as the phones & internet remain active, your OscarPOS Support Team are available to you.

We have a business continuity plan in place that includes the ability to have staff work remotely and be accessible via phone, email, video and teleconference.

Our biggest challenge, depending on how the situation progresses, could be providing On Site Support.

OscarPOS is here to support you and your business during these challenging times. We understand that you may be facing your own issues and your OscarPOS Support Team are accessible and ready to help you.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are ready to respond quickly during these uncertain times.

For those who like a granular view on Coronavirus / Covid-19 with helpful data on the incubation period and symptoms, you can follow these links ….

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