OscarPOS: Tap Into Cloud-based POS Australia

Fast Food, Cafes, Fine Dining, Retail, Bar or Club, you name it, we can tap into it with Cloud-based POS in Australia.

As we at OscarPOS say ‘It is a POS System… but not like you are used to’.

We can provide a system that works for you and your business whether it be in delivery, take-away, multi-store, franchise or warehousing. We are pioneers of OscarPOS cloud software and tailor a solution to suit your requirements and ensure productivity.

Whether you operate on a PC or tablet, we ensure a real-time two-way synchronisation and live data sent to the Back Office.

The web Back Office is an administrative web portal where you can build complex and dynamic menus, track sales, inventory and clientele. It can be productive for both a single store or multiple and you can even create up-sells for your staff to engage in and add-ons. Promotions, multi-purchases and discounts can also be stored in the Web Back Office.

Part of your cloud-based POS in Australia can involve website orders being automatically retrieved. Delivery and take-away management, table service with floorplans and client management all comprise the system that OscarPOS can deliver as well as integrated customer mobile app orders and cardless giftcards and loyalty programs.

Furthermore, integration of EFTPOS facilities is included at no additional cost. Our EFTPOS service delivery by Tyro means a 1.6-second process time, even faster than cash. There are no lock-in contracts or set-up fees and we deliver support 24/7. Additionally, you can stay with your existing bank and receive instant online reporting. Furthermore, there is security against fraud and hackers tapping in.

We offer an obligation-free demonstration for you to envision how OscarPOS’ cloud-based POS in Australia can serve your business!

OscarPOS: Winner!

Winner of the 25th Belmont and Western Australian Small Business Award in 2018, OscarPOS has been operating in Western Australia for twenty years.

Founder of OscarPOS, Kirt Kirtisingham said regarding the Award ‘over the past 20 years the company has adapted its product offerings to serve a more diverse range of clients. The business takes pride in being able to offer clients the right solution’.

We recognised the need for cloud-based POS in Australia with old cash registers and POS systems and we have designed a system that utilises the very latest technologies to their optimum. The internet is a powerful tool utilised for many functions in modern society and we can harness it and channel it for your business requirements.

We offer support through a variety of platforms including email, telephone, remote, in-house, on-site and forums and blogs. OscarPOS’ cloud-based POS in Australia is exceptional and we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality service to our clientele. We can tweak the software to suit your individual business’ requirements and integrate particular software to increase functionality. Interfaces for hardware include the PC, tablets, printers, cash drawers and kitchen bump stations. It’s never been more virtually easy.

Our Valued Clientele

At OscarPOS we value each and every client and will deliver outstanding service including extensive support for all products. Some of our clients have raved about us and we are always pleased to hear when a client is satisfied with our products.

Sabirna Di Chiera says ‘Our system died over the long weekend and the team from OscarPOS were very helpful in getting all our issued fixed as quick as possible. If you ever need any help (especially in recovering an entire menu that hasn’t been backed up properly for months .. ask for Tim!!’.

Pres Chu believes our cloud-based POS in Australia is a dream: ‘just started using Oscar at one of our Venues and it’s a dream. The staff love it. So many back office functions. Round the clock support and training. Definitely recommend going through Tim Atkinson, he is an absolute legend, knows his stuff’.

We couldn’t be happier when we know that our clientele value the products we offer and the service we can deliver.   

To learn more about OscarPOS feel free to send us an email or drop us a call. You can check out more details on our Contact page.

About the author: Tim Atkinson