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School Canteen Expo July 11 2018

We attended this years WA School Canteen Expo that was held at the Crown on July 11th 2018.

Yuma Pos
OscarPOS Attends WA School Canteen Expo

“WASCA is a not-for-profit, non-government health promotion charity organisation based in Western Australia formed in 1994. WASCA assists canteens and food services to provide and promote healthy choices and economically viable and professional businesses.”

We had a display set up and generated a lot of interest in using OscarPOS Cloud to replace aging cash registers.

Some of the key benefits OscarPOS Cloud were able to offer included :

  • Centralised control of available products and pricing
  • A single reporting interface that management staff can use in real time
  • The ability to go “cashless” ( the Mum’s seem to love this one – the kids can’t go and spend their lunch money on RED items )
  • Running accounts for teaching staff
  • Parents able to pre-order their child’s lunches
  • Parents have access to their child’s purchase history
  • Option to flag allergies ( great for the young ones who are still learning )
  • A “digest” of orders for the canteen to do a production run from
  • Label printing for easy tagging of orders

I didn’t realise there were such things as Green, Amber & Red foods !

Really it is the same as anything else. From the outside it looks like a canteen, but once you start looking and learning it can get complex quite quickly.

Choosing your point of sale is the same – Outside they all look pretty similar, but it is not until you start digging and asking questions that you learn about all the different things you can ( or cannot do ).

This is why when you ask us about our POS we ask you so many questions !

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