Oscar Point of Sale - OscarPOS - 2020 - May - NCVC

Take a Break – Just a Bit of Eye Candy

I listen to a lot of podcasts – Especially when driving – One of them is “Science Vs” by Gimlet Media.

A bit like me, it appears they are a bit over all the Corona Virus content and reporting. So at the end of their latest podcasts they have a little segment called NCVC ( Non Corona Virus Content ). They also have a rather ear-wormy jingle to introduce the segment.

So for May, I thought we’d do our own version of this and just publish a short video animation done by the team at Pixar.

There is no intentional meaning behind this video. No hidden agenda. It is just a cute 20 second video with a bit of music behind it.

About the author: Tim Atkinson

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