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Valentine’s Day 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole

So I have this cute little video for Valentine’s Day 2020, but I can’t really just put it in a blog and leave it at that.

I have to at least say something – preferably charming or witty, but at least pertinent.

Jumbo sized black coffee in hand, it was time to start practicing my Google-Fu.

Google Fu : The abiity to use Google with zen like prowess.

Use it in a sentence : “You couldn’t find it on the web ? Dude … your Google-Fu is weak”

Urban Dictionary

Search term : valentines wishes

Lots of links to saccharine sweet things to say to your loved one.

    • “30 love quotes…”
    • “200+ Valentin’s day Wishes…”
    • “40 Best valentines day Wishes …”
    • “The Best 60 …”
    • “100 sweet…”
    • “180+ ….”

I can feel an attack of sudden onset diabetes kicking in.

Search term : valentines day do something different

1,030,000,000 results in 0.49 seconds

Everybody has suggestions on what to do to be romantic, cute or quirky.

    • “30 best things…”
    • “32 creative…”
    • “23 fun things…”
    • “16 ideas…”
    • “11 unique…”

I don’t think that last one was really trying !

Lets try this from a different angle. Lets take the  perspective of the restaurateur – not the loved up customers.

Search Term : valentine’s day australian restaurants marketing ideas

    • 10 Restaurant Marketing Ideas…
    • 5 Marketing Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic …
    • 14 Valentine’s Marketing Ideas for Small Business…
    • 10 Tricks to make your restaurant perfect…
    • 7 Promotion Ideas for Cafes…

This is more my idea of Valentine’s Day – what it means to business.

$253 MILLION according to this article

Advice ranges from creating an experience ( not just a nice meal ) for your diners, to going Anti-Valentine’s Day.

While this article is a few years old now, I just love some of the ideas in it 🙂

Social media ranks highly as well – I really need to learn more about digital marketing – I don’t even have a personal facebook account !

Alas it has snuck up on me and I find that time is short 😐

So let’s get out of the rabbit holes, my name is not Alice.

It is time to add the video to this blog post, and wish you success in your well planned Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.


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