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Why is it Mother’s Day & Not Mothers’ Day ?

Wondered Why “mother” is singular  ? …

In her lifetime (1832 – 1905), Ann Reeves Jarvis sees only 4 of her 13 children live to adult hood.

This is very likely mostly due to the extremely unsanitary conditions of the times.

In 1858,  Ann Jarvis starts organising community meetings to help reverse this appalling infant mortality rate. These are called Mother’s Day Work Clubs.

In 1912, Anna Jarvis ( the Daughter ), trademarks the phrase “Mother’s Day.”

But why the singular possessive “Mother’s Day” rather than the plural possessive “Mothers’ Day” ?

Surely is should be plural because it is every Mothers’ Day ?

To paraphrase Anna Jarvis, it is a celebration to honour “The best mother who ever lived,  yours”.

Read more about Ann & Anna at Wiki & 7news.com.au

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