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WHERE : BOM / Inventory Categories


Navigate to BOM / Inventory / Categories.

These are a nice way to keep your “stock controlled” INVENTORY ITEMS grouped together.

BOM - Inventory - Categories
BOM – Inventory – Categories

This is from my demonstration BOM, so is set up by type of stock control. In the real world you would more likely be using something like :





This way you can keep all your similar INVENTORY ITEMS together. I have also included the “stock keeping unit of measure” in the title. It will make it a lot easier for you later on if you do these things 🙂

As a side note, you have noticed that I have used CAPITALS. As we progress through this discourse you will also note that my INVENTORY ITEMS are also all in capitals. My MENU ITEMS however, are all “Title Cased“. Often a MENU ITEM and an INVENTORY ITEM will have the same name. I do not want all capitals on receipts or ordering interfaces ( it is rude to “shout” ), so the INVENTORY gets all the capitals to make it stand out for me. It also feeds any OCD tendencies.

Having said all of that, from this screen we can see a list of our INVENTORY CATEGORIES, we can <refresh> the view, we can <ADD> a new one, we can <Remove> one, we can also go to the <Archive> and add them back. We can also see how many INVENTORY ITEMS we have in each INVENTORY CATEGORY. You can also jump straight to a list of INVENTORY ITEMS by clicking on the number in the “Count” column.


Navigate to BOM / Inventory / Categories and click <Add>.

This is a very complex screen, so be sure to pay close attention…

BOM - Inventory - Categories - Add
BOM – Inventory – Categories – Add

Enter the name you want to use and click <Save>.

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